A series of isolated projects

An index of projects made in Arnhem at the Werkplaats Typografie between 2006 and 2008. cryptocurrency exchange business

A comedy of errors

169 posters
for the
New York
Art Book Fair, 2008. MARQ typeface by
Karl Nawrot. Text sourced from Ed Ruscha. cryptocurrency hong kong

An on-going conversation

A Diagrammatical language

The relationship between letter and word abstracts the semantics of language on two levels: 1. Each letter works as an individual with its own distinct qualities. The more complex the letter or "character" the more complex the diagram. 2. Each letter is part of a larger community, which then becomes a visual representation of a social dynamic. bitcoin exchange platform hong kong


Friends make books (photo by Joris Kritis)

Wonder Years:
WT 1998–2008

Beyond an anthology, the archive represented here is an interpretation of a design school history, compiling its items according to a rather subjective, incomplete and inimitable set of entries. The 10 years story of the WT is narrated by a group of current participants, intersected by annotations, voice over and parallel readings from Stuart Bailey, Uta Eisenreich, Paul Elliman, Raimundas Malasauskas, Karel Martens, Armand Mevis and Willem Oorebeek. –LS

25 years good

OASE Journal for Architecture

Exhibition design and catalogue/ poster made on the occasion of OASE 25 YEARS OF CRITICAL REFLECTION.
In collaboration with Karel Martens.


Had to be there... (portraits)

A selection of animated portraits. Made with the assistance of Karl Nawrot, and thanks to everyone else involved. From the top: Julie Peeters, Alex DeArmond, Velina Stoykova, Jeremy Jansen, Karl Nawrot.


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